How can we close the achievement

Involve local police and sheriffs in these programs to create positive interactions between African-American students and local law enforcement personnel. Children from higher socio-economic backgrounds participate in learning activities during the summer, while poor children do not.

Some researchers compare the tracking system to a modern form of racial segregation within the schools. While praise for the results is warranted as the city continued its upward climb, we must address the fact that race and income-level gaps in achievement continue to grow.

Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gaps

The more vocational education courses students take, the lower their performance on the NAEP. Jencks and Phillips argue that African American parents may not encourage early education in toddlers because they do not see the personal benefits of having exceptional academic skills. Finally, factory model school designs inherited from a century ago have created dysfunctional learning environments for students and unsupportive settings for strong teaching.

Closing the Achievement Gap

And even though he never turned in work, I saw him occasionally writing during work time. High-achieving European and Asian nations provide housing and health care for all families, and generally ensure food security.

When we ask, "What about the things that the adults are always talking about—neighborhood violence, single-parent homes, and so on? And they talk about a curriculum and a set of expectations that feel so miserably low-level that they literally bore the students right out the school door.

But because both research and experience show that what schools do matters greatly, I'll concentrate on what works in education. Eight years ago, despite the extraordinarily high poverty of their city, local education leaders set some very high standards for what their students should know and be able to do.

Stunned, second, by the low level of the few assignments that they do get.

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Students need to feel safe, to feel loved, to eat, to sleep, and to have friends before they can engage in learning. For example, in reading, 7 of the 20 top-performing elementary schools are high-poverty; in math, 8 of the top 20 are high-poverty; in writing, 13 of the top 20 are high-poverty.

OECD data show that they also pay teachers as well as other college-educated workers, while U. Indeed, the more-rigorous courses they take, the better they do. Through the use of technology, presentations can be archived so that the material can be reviewed at any time.

What does this mean? While results differ depending on the instrument, estimates of the black-white gap range from slightly less than half a standard deviation to slightly more than 1 standard deviation.

How can we close the achievement gap?

Students from single-parent homes often find it difficult to find time to receive help from their parent. This creates more positive interactions with the community and a better understanding of mainstream society among minority students.

Evidence is plentiful that when children are healthy and well-supported in learning in the early years and beyond, they achieve and graduate at higher rates. They are a guide—for teachers, administrators, parents, and students themselves—to what knowledge and skills students must master.

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Closing the Achievement Gap

Although some of these differences are clearly attributable to the fact that higher-scoring students are often assigned to tougher classes, careful research shows the positive impact of more-rigorous coursework even on formerly low-achieving students.

He was in school virtually every day. In math, white students grew by 4. As a result, these children enter school with decreased word knowledge that can affect their language skills, influence their experience with books, and create different perceptions and expectations in the classroom context.Here’s 10 Ways Communities Can Help Close It.

Posted July 12, in The Belief Gap MDonnell Tenner is the author of the Ways to Close the Achievement GAP Series and CEO of. If April’s teachers or I had known about the additional ways to help close the achievement gap, we may have had even greater impact.

Nonetheless, with the tools we did have, we helped inspire a change in her behavior and a desire to pursue a career in nursing. Image by Garrett W licensed under Creative Commons.

The District of Columbia recently released the results of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exam, a measure of student readiness for college and career. Closing the Achievement Gap Kati Haycock To increase the achievement levels of minority and low-income students, we need to focus on what really matters: high standards, a.

If April’s teachers or I had known about the additional ways to help close the achievement gap, we may have had even greater impact.

Nonetheless, with the tools we did have, we helped inspire a change in her behavior and a desire to pursue a career in nursing. EdSurge delivers insights and connects those exploring how technology can. Can We Really Close the Achievement Gap? “Why don’t we spend more time teaching students about interpersonal communication or nutrition or personal finance in public schools?” This is.

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How can we close the achievement
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